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Operations Management with a focus of People, Process and Property

We believe in people. We have learned everyone wants to do a good job; however, in many cases, the definition of a good job is not known or people have not been trained to that standard, specially in manufacturing. That's why we built Routine. 

Maintaining document integrity is critical to your business. Routine, from Optegrity, puts the tools in your team's hands to manage all of your documentation from critical audit procedures to standard work documentation.


Maintain Integrity

  • Track documents from inception to publication to revision and beyond.

  • Keep in accord with quality management systems like ISO 9001, AS9100 and IATF 16949.

  • Tie Operation to safety, quality, people and assets

  • Training management module tied to operations to keep work instruction and organizational knowledge current 

Total Customization

  • Create and maintain documents customized to your unique business. 

  • Use Routine's document creation system or upload your own previously made and legacy documents.

  • Ability to connect to ERPs using API connections

Routine Entry Page.png
Standard Work.png

Set the Standard

  • Create and maintain Standard Work and critical process documents that can include images, videos, diagrams, etc.

  • Standardize procedures across your company with Routine's document control system.

  • Customizable to build your own document templates

Value Stream Analysis

  • Build your line with a full visibility to your bottlenecks and constraints 

  • Build a real time training matrix with no additional administration work. 

  • easy to build loading chart to comply with the customers takt time

Training Matrix.png

Nimble updating of standard work documents minimizes delays in implementing improvements

Allows incorporation and control of existing legacy document formats

Include images and videos in standard work documents

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