Lean Tools

Our suite of lean tools are modular and fully customizable to your business. Each one integrates with the others and has it's own intuitive dashboard allowing users to see critical data easily and quickly.


Issues Management System

  • Our Resolve Module allows frontline employees to capture and record manufacturing issues as they arise. 

  • Solutions are automatically assigned to owners based on criteria you establish.

  • Our intuitive reporting allows you to track problems and solutions so you can resolve manufacturing issues quickly and get back to creating quality products.


Lean Team Development

  • Our Huddle Module gives you the ability to track your teams progress on their way towards Operational Excellence. 

  • Frontline employees are able to see how their efforts impact the elimination of waste how quickly their cost savings add up.

  • Establish your own lean certification program and track your company's progress towards lean excellence. 


Document Control and Standard Work System

  • Optegrity's Routine Module makes it easy to create visual work instructions for your team that will standardize work across all operators.

  • Routine's built-in Yamzumi charting allows your company to to divide and organize tasks in the most efficient manner. 

  • Maintain document integrity from inception to rollout to revision.

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