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Our suite of Lean tools are designed to meet the needs of your business. Your continuous improvement and quality goals need to be supported, and our intuitive, powerful, and user based lean tools provide the support your organization needs to let excellence flow...

Our solutions are all cloud based with the capability of connecting to other platforms such as ERPs, CRMs, etc. 






Operations Management, Standard Work and Document Control System

  • Nimble updating of standard work documents minimizes delays in implementing improvements. ​

  • Allows incorporation and control of existing legacy document formats.​

  • Ties Operations to Training Matrix with no additional steps​

  • Easy wizard to create loading chart for different takt times and identify the bottlenecks​

  • Include images and videos in standard work documents.​

  • Maintain Operations Training and Job Hazard Analysis all together​

  • Real time connection to Gigbot (Defect Management app) to generate quality checklist and document defects)​

Standard Work.png


Defect Tracking and Traceability Management System

  • A holistic solution to track and measure internal and external (supplier) defects ​

  • Build-in traceability management module to track critical to quality features ​

  • Measure and report the cost of poor quality​

  • Intuitive dashboard gives decision-makers the information they need when they need it. ​

  • Gigbot becomes part of the process, helping defect identification, correction, and prevention activities flow.​

  • Integrates with Resolve Issue Management System (Resolve) to identify significant or repetitive issues and drive corrective action.​

  • Integrates with Routine to extract the digital inspection checklists tied to work orders to minimize the administration workload. ​

  • Easy to connect to the client's ERP system to read the required information​


Issues Management and Engineering Change Management  System

  • Improves profitibility by driving resolution of significant or repetitive issues

  • Provides a smart workflow centered around root cause analysis

  • Individual user, department, and companywide dashboards give decision makers the data they need when when and where they need it.

  • Gamification features encourage participation and create a problem-solving culture.​

  • Built-in recommendation system enabled by A.I. (under development).​

  • Ideal to manage Engineering Change Management Process



Calibration and Asset Management System

  • Easy to use calibration management tool with built-in communication capabilities to assure calibration and PM compliance​

  • Manages internal and external calibration process with compliance with ISO and AS requirements​

  • Robust maintenance tool to facilitate, analyze and manage preventive and corrective maintenance tasks​

  • Reduces the calibration and maintenance administrative work with a streamlined workflow 

  • Strong data analysis tool to measure OEE and equipment maintenance costs. 

  • Recommendation system for equipment overhaul or Replacement 

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OpEx Activity Management- Lean Certification Tracker

  • Improves profitability by helping plan, execute, and measure effects of operational excellence activities

  • Drive cultural transformation and engagement

  • Unique approach combines culture transformation and its measurable results

  • Optegrity “Booster” elevates your team to drive OpEx activities with associated financial improvement.  ​

  • Set a standard of excellence by implementing your own OpEx certification program.​

  • Plan and execute OpEx activities including training, benchmarking, and kaizen events. ​

  • Measure the impact of your team’s OpEx efforts on your company’s bottom line.​

  • Gamification features encourage participation and friendly competition

  • Fully Customizable to add new certification modules

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