Defect Tracker

Defect tracking is critical to manufacturing a quality product. Gigbot is the tool your team needs to record, track, and correct defects. Gigbot gives managers and leaders the information they need to make strategic decisions about quality efforts. 


Capture Defects

  • Front ent users can quickly capture defect data in seconds with our easy to use interface. 

  • Missing defect data will be a thing of the past due to negligent reporting. 

Improve Quality

  • Capture, contain, and correct defects before they reach finished goods. 

  • Defect verification means that corrections are verified before they can be resolved. 


Make Strategic Quality Decisions

  • Detailed reporting shows decision makers strategic data so they can guide their quality efforts

  • Connect Gigbot with Resolve: Issues Management System to turn defect trends into manufacturing issues to be work with Resolve's problem solving framework. 

Decrease defect rates

Capture defects quickly and easily. Track affected units through the manufacturing process and coordinate containment and repair efforts. 

Support your quality goals

Support your quality goals with tools designed for your company. Gigbot was designed to be used by front line employees with a focus capturing data quickly at the site of discovery.

Measure success

Track defect trends with Gigbot's reporting and metrics. Convert rising defect trends into manufacturing issues with Resolve: Issue Management System. 

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