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After quitting from my last corporate job in 2016 as the director of operational excellence and quality assurance, I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming an operations management consultant. I did it and It was and still is a great Journey and a lot of fun.

As we are helping our clients to go through the lean transformation , myself and my partners started seeing some major gaps.... we can help these organizations to see the value of lean systems and principles and implement those, but after sometime we noticed a decline and lack of attention, but why? the system is working, the results are visible and there are buy-ins from the stakeholders, so why it doesn't sustain.

Well, we did a lot of research internally, interviewed many operations folks, analyzed good and not good practices and then we found the gap.

Lack of process automation after a lean system is implemented and matures. Keeping track of work instructions, making them up to date after regular improvements and changes, keeping the training matrix, job hazard workbooks and quality control checklists updated and in sync with the corresponding operations, cumbersome processes to identify the bottlenecks and constraints, not being able to track the people involvement and cost savings in and this list can go on and on. And, that was the inception of Optegrity Solutions.... 



Manufacturing is like an orchestra and the instruments are people, processes and properties. Keeping these three Ps in sync is the most important and yet challenging part of in manufacturing operations management and this is exactly what we do in Optegrity. We make these connections visible, traceable and scalable.

We provide the most valuable, affordable and fun to use lean manufacturing software solutions for small and medium manufacturers across the world to develop excellence in their people, processes and properties. All manufacturers deserve this.

We Promise!

Our suite of application have been designed to assure people, processes and properties are in sync. This alignment develops excellence, transparency, agility, integrity, sustainability and scalability

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