The Optegrity Advantage
The Why

When we started our journey towards operational excellence, the first question we faced was, "What tools are going to help us facilitate this? How were we going to enact change in our companies' culture? How can we really make a difference?"

We started looking for tools and solutions to help our companies' begin to transition to pursue operational excellence. The problem we ran into was that none existed that were a good fit for our companies'. We were forced to string together a patchwork of spreadsheets, databases, and reporting software to get the job done. 

Lean Tools
The Optegrity Advantage

In response to this lack of tools and solutions, we set our to create Optegrity Solutions. We wanted to create the tools we wish we had when we started our Lean journey.

Our ever expanding line-up of Lean tools is designed with the end user in mind; making data collection quick and easy.

Each module comes with its' own dedicated dashboard, giving users the information they need to know at a glance. Metrics make prioritization and decision making easy. 

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