The Optegrity Advantage

Operational Excellence:

Greater profitibility and growth enabled by continuous improvement of company processes.

70% of US manufacturers strive for Operational Excellence.

They need Optegrity because...

Companies need a way to efficiently communicate conditions and drive improvement activities

Improvement initiatives exclusive to upper-level managers rarely achieve their potential

Results of improvement activities can be difficult to measure and report.

Other Non-Lean-Focused systems inhibit improvement and don't focus on lean aspects such as value, pull, quality, and leadtime.

Competing software is costly and limited to a few  aspects of lean activities.

Our Story

50 years combined experience in driving improvement

Experience forms the foundation of our purpose built software

Currently in multiple plants with a proven track record

50 Years Combined OpEx Systems Experience

Optegrity Established

First Client Onboard

OpEx Activity Module - "Booster"

Issues Management Module - "Resolve"

Business Development Dept Launched

Document Management Module - "Routine"

Defect Tracking Module - "Gigbot"

Module Refinement

We Are Here

Additional Modules

Continued Growth

Lean Tools
Our Lean Tools...
  • Form a software suite to help clients drive toward operational excellence

  • Manage information traditional ERPs cannot

  • Align improvement activities to strategic initiatives

  • Help develop and encourage employees at all levels to contribute to company success

  • Put the right information in the right format in the right hands to improve analysis and the decision-making process

  • Form a visible start to finish workflow for improvement activities

  • Tie results to improvement activities and make progress visible