Helping Excellence Flow...

Optegrity is the midwest's largest lean manufacturing software developer. We help lean manufacturers solve their manufacturing problems and pursue operational excellence with software based on the expertise of  continuous improvement professionals with decades of experience. 


Optegrity Solutions, LLC

Helping Excellence Flow...

Founded by  lean thinkers with a combined 50 years of experience in driving improvement, Optegrity knows first hand the importance of having the right tools for the job. That's why we've created our suite of lean tools; to give your business the customized tools and solutions that it needs to thrive in your highly competitive market place.


Custom Metrics on Demand

Optegrity's metrics make setting and tracking benchmarks easy and intuitive. With customizable status-at-a-glance dashboards across all of our modules, critical information is always readily available.


Straightforward Data Collection

Optegrity's Lean Tools are designed with the frontline user in mind. Easy to use interfaces make data collection and management simple; allowing your business to never miss a data point.

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Lean Tools Built for Your Team

Optegrity's suite of Lean Tools are customizable to your business. We're constantly expanding our range of products to better serve your team.